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Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Rainow.
I have lived in Rainow for the past 20 years and have loved walking amongst the wide selection of landscapes it holds, from Kerridge Ridge to the lower levels of Bollington and the moor scape around Lamaload and Saltersford and the dog loves it too!

I’ve been a professional photographer for more than I’d like to remember. This journey began at school with a field trip along the Bollin Valley studying the rivers course and recording the meanders and oxbows on the family’s Kodak click and shoot 35mm compact camera with its famous aperture setting (which came to be part of my first company logo). A few of us were then shown how to process and print the film in our science class and not being particularly academic, I liked this hands on side of photography and the creativity of it and decided that it could well become a career option. I continued to pursued this at Northwich Art School in the early 70’s, doing a City & Guilds course in Photography.

Two years later, I was working in a Photography and Design Company as an assistant photographer and darkroom technician, then I travelled to London to get my first taste as a professional photographer.

For the last 20 odd years, I have been working in and around Cheshire and the North West, mainly in the advertising and commercial sector.




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Location Photography in RainowMacclesfield Cheshire SK10 5UJ : Tel :T01625 560500 email : dave@rainowphotos.co.uk






Creative Photography for Adverising and Design. 01625 560500 East Cheshire based Studio. Fantastic high quality images produced digitally or traditionally using film of all formats. Still life, product, fashion, travel, achitectural, landscapes, cheshire, lancashire. stock images also available for posters, cards, or anything you can dream of.